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Staff Blog

Eight Proven Ways to Prevent Cancer
By: Mei-Lan Allen
Thursday, 12th May 2016
It has been long known that cancers are caused by a combination of our genes, diet and life-style. However, as we gradually understand more about epigenetics - the way our genes are switched on | Read on...
The End of Daylight Saving Time Doesn't Signal Sleep Gain
By: Mei-Lan Allen
Wednesday, 6th April 2016
Daylight Saving Time officially ended in the early hours of last Sunday. In theory, ďfalling backĒ means you got an extra hour of sleep. Winston Churchill once described Daylight Saving Time like | Read on...
5 Workout Ideas to Take Advantage of Leap Day
By: Mei-Lan Allen
Sunday, 28th February 2016
Today's not just any old Monday; it's Leap Day. Having an extra 24 hours in 2016 is a good reminder that we have the time to make exercise a priority, even when lives are hectic. In honor of the day, | Read on...
Why it's so hard to cut back on sugar (and what to do about it)
By: Mei-Lan Allen
Sunday, 21st February 2016
By now youíve gotten the memo that cutting back on sugar is one of the best things you can do for your health. Itís something even the most ardently opposed diet gurus agree on, and it was one of the | Read on...
7 easy ways to never miss a workout
By: Mei-Lan Allen
Wednesday, 17th February 2016
Most will agree: the hardest part of working out is actually getting to the gym. For some, it seems like something is always pulling them away from their workouts, whether it be work, friends, or | Read on...