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Staffed Hours

MON-THUR 5.30am-8:00pm
FRI 5.30am-7:00pm
SAT 9:00am-2:00pm
SUN Closed

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Jess Kupa

Customer Service, Kids Club
Interests: CrossFit, Rugby, Touch, Dance, Health and Fitness and FOOD!

Favourite Food: Hangi and anything with sugar in it!

Why the Fitness Industry? Since I was 5 Iíve been dancing and playing touch, so itís fair to say I have a love for fitness and sports, this job allows me to help others achieve their fitness goals and teach them to love and appreciate not
only fitness but their bodies as much as I do. The fitness industry allows me to make a difference in peopleís lives and thereís no better way to end the day knowing that you have helped change some bodies life for the better.

Why First Place Fitness? Who wouldnít want to work or train in an environment that is uplifting, supportive and friendly. First Place Fitness is voted the best gym in New Zealand and the staff and customer service team show in their work ethic how deserving they are of it, I am extremely grateful to join this team!
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