The programme we offer

Here at Weight Loss Waikato, we use the Dietflex programmes. The Dietflex programme has been developed by international fitness expert Jamie Hayes, whose programs and research have already helped over 8,000 people lose over 140,000kg’s. The Dietflex plans are overseen by Jill MacGregor – Accredited Practicing Dietician. Jill is a clinician with over 20 years experience successfully helping clients to lose weight and improve their health. 

The Dietflex approach to nutrition works as it recognizes that no two people are the same and we all have our own individual tolerance to carbohydrates. Also, through supportive weekly coaching sessions with a qualified Dietflex health coach, not only can clients learn what their individual tolerance is to carbs, they can also learn how to implement these new dietary changes in a realistic way that can work for the whole family. 

Weekly coaching sessions not only provide our clients with the knowledge needed in order to achieve results, but also the accountability and flexible advice that is needed to adhere to the plans when temptations, old habits and life tend to get in the way. These one on one coaching sessions along with a complimentary First Place Fitness gym membership (the friendliest gym in Hamilton!) mean that as a client of ours, you are in the most supportive environment you can be in to ensure you succeed in your weight loss goals! 

Kick Start

12 Week Programme

Kickstart your weight loss journey with a 12 week commitment that will help initiate those new habits and routines for success. 



12 Month Programme

Commit to a 12 month journey with Weight Loss Waikato at a more affordable rate to ensure that this time, the weight loss you celebrate stays off for good!


Meet Our Coaches


Marina Richardson

I love being a Health Coach as I find it personally rewarding being able to support people on their journeys of achieving better health and feeling of well-being. I have an educational background in Human Nutrition and the subject has been my passion for over 20 years. I appreciate that decision to discuss, and share, your weight loss goals & journey is a very personal matter, and I always guarantee clients a safe, trusting environment with zero judgement, ample compassion and professional guidance and support whenever needed.

Beth Homes

Beth Homes

Before becoming a health coach I worked as a practice nurse, I have always been passionate about helping others with their goals to improve health outcomes and reduce the likelihood of preventable diseases.  I had a ‘wake up call’ when my mother had a stroke and was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes at 40, and realised my lifestyle was leading me the same way.  I have my own weight loss story so feel I can relate well to others.  With two young children I don’t have much spare time but have recently taken up running.



Hello there, I’m Kim. My academic background is in the field of psychology, and closest to my heart is coaching and encouraging people to improve their mental and physical health. That’s where my love, and self-directed learning, of nutrition comes in. There is irrefutable evidence of a strong connection between what we eat or drink and our mental health.

My professional background focused on educating and supporting my clients to make lasting positive behavioural changes to improve their general wellbeing and lives.

I’m a wife, a Mum, a Step-mum, and a human Mum to my two doggo fur babies. I look forward to the opportunity to help you strive towards your health goals.

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